FIBC (Flexible Intermediate Bulk container) is a Polypropylene based ready to use industrial container capable of carrying product loads ranging from 500 kgs to 2000 kgs. FIBCs- also called as Jumbo or Big bags are fast replacing cartons and PP woven sacks packaging for its advantages of being Flexible, easy to store, fill, stock and discharge.

It is widely used in Construction, Agricultural, Chemicals, Cement, Food & Pharmaceutical industries etc... FIBC is UV stabilized moisture free, eco-friendly and most cost effective among all available bulk packaging options.

FIBC is available with four loops for easy forklift handling, having spouts at top & bottom for easy fill & discharge, in standard constructions of U-panel, 4-panel, circular/ tubular and form stable/ baffle bags. FIBC may be coated or uncoated, with or without liner, printed, UN certified, standard White or any other colours as per requirements.

FIBC Bags also known as Jumbo Bags/ Bulk Bags, are one of the most cost effective types of packing for storage and transportation of a wide range of materials such as chemicals, food, metal etc. Manufactured from tubular/ flat woven fabric, these bags have a large storage capacity. These bags are custom designed as per the client's requirement, thus offering a wide range of bags to choose from. We offer bags for both single-trip (5:1) and multi-trip (6:1 or 8:1) purposes. The SWL Range of the bags start from 250 kg up to 2000 kg.

A flexible intermediate bulk container (FIBC), bulk bag, or big bag, is an industrial plastic container made of flexible polypropylene fabric that is designed for storing and transporting dry, flow-able products, such as sand, minerals, fertilizer, and granules of plastic. FIBCs are made of woven polyethylene or polypropylene, either coated or un-coated, and are made in different sizes. Transporting and loading is done on either pallets or by lifting it from the loops. Bags are made with different lifting options.


  • Transporting fine powders
  • Transporting food grade products
  • Transporting pharmaceutical products
  • Transporting chemicals
  • Transportation of agricultural products
  • Transportation of building/construction materials
  • Transportation of minerals and powdered metals
  • Petroleum products transportation
  • Transportation of plastics
  • Wood and paper transportation


Types of FIBC Bags

  • All

  • Lifting Loops
  • Filling Closure
  • Discharge

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