The Reinforced Moksh flexible membrane provides high-dimensional stability.

HDPE geomembrane pond liner used as a farm pond, fish pond, lakes, bunds, reservoirs, dams, canal, landfill, waste disposal sites, wastewater storage, rainwater harvesting, irrigation storage. Moksh HDPE geomembrane made from HDPE woven fabrics laminated with LDPE adding UV stabilizer, carbon black, and additive to improve life, make chemical resistant and protected against UV, and oxidation. It is economical compared to the concrete tank.

Moksh HDPE geomembrane Pond liner specifically designed for use in water retention and containment in the big reservoir, farm pond, and lake applications. Its formulation and production process makes it durable and extra sturdy. It is durable, tear-resistant, stress crack resistant, puncher resistant, lightweight construction of Mipatex HDPE geomembrane provides maximum performance in all climates and environmental conditions.


  • Weather-resistant (does not require an earthen cover)
  • Petrochemical-resistant
  • Three-dimension performance flexibility
  • Large panels, which eliminate field seams
  • Custom size and shape panels


  • Exposed applications
  • Hydrocarbon-resistant
  • Industrial waste
  • Oilfield
  • Secondary containment
  • Remediation