Moksh Group manufactures high quality non woven crop cover which protects the crops, fruits and vegetables from the risky frosts, hailstorms and heavy gusts of winds and also prevent the crops from pests or insects.

This crop cover non woven fabric also ensures water and air permeability to the roots of the crops which helps to reduce the maintenance at later stages of the yield.


  • Protecting from Direct sun burn
  • Increase shining of banana skin that gives good market value
  • Prevention from black spot on banana and Fruits
  • It gives banana and fruit equal size and color
  • Give export quality production for the banana
  • Prevents from excess UV rays
  • Prevents from frost bites, Birds and Insects
  • Aids in Organic agriculture
  • Reduction in the need for the chemical treatment for the plants
  • Protects from frosts, Hailstorms and heavy gusts of winds
  • Better Gas exchange capacity thus less suffocation to root
  • Best suitable for organic cultivation


  • Crop Cover
  • Fruit Cover
  • Plant Cover
  • Crop Cover
  • Banana Bunch Cover


Sizes Maximum Width 3.2 M (Multiplelayers can be joined)
Weight 17 GSM to 50 GSM and above
Packing As per Customer Requirment
UV Protection As per Customer Requirment